Tuesday, September 20, 2011


All poets are beautiful!

All poets have delicate fingers!

All poets have dimples or have emotional dimples!

All poets have clear sad eyes!

All poets have bodies that are the right size,

or else their bodies are the wrong size for poetic reason!

All poets are wonderful listeners!

All poets are wonderful lovers!

All poets make accurate assumptions!

All poets develop stunningly accurate first impressions of you!

All poets get that faraway look in their eyes!

All poets have eyes that reflect the fog or the sea!

All poets make meaningful decisions!

All poets are composed of salient images!

All poets learn from their failures!

All poets are romantic, lonely, and romantically lonely!

All poets stumble eloquently when they are looking for the right thing to say!

All poets can float!


James Morey said...

You're alive!

Mans and womans, I wish I were a poet.

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Artist CG said...

gonna share this on my poetry group page on FB :) the Almost Dead Poets Society! feel free to join n post--would love to have u!

AmitAag said...

Hey Maya!
So True! I really loved it!
Read mine at:

Jim Decker said...

I only float in Salt Lake without effort
but don't live there
darn that's romantically lonely

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Nice poetry

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im not a poet but im good looking :) love the poem

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