Sunday, March 30, 2008

& who knew you could sing so loud

& who knew you could sing so loud until
the house was deserted and the will
power was in, power was out?

crack the window just to feel
daring but tone it down a
thousand notches when a couple walks by.
crack the other window &
sing along to the ipod playing really loud &
spin on the chair until you are dizzier than
tuesday night and sink to the ground & be unsure
if you are seeing the light spinning or not because it is so dark
& bump against the guitar on your bed & hear it greet you
& then get up and jump to the drum beat of the song
because nobody is on the floor below.

yes. yes. yes.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


There is a dirty copper penny inside my mouth
hovering in my upper lip &
clinking when it hits that part of my
tooth that juts out, sharp, always braceless :
there is a penny there large & round & I
trace Lincoln's face with my tongue, I
lick Lincoln's face.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Rats stampede-- buffalo wild-- rampage
in pipes tar black and right-- angling as
venomous basilisks-- reverse spawn of Lucifer--
evening's child heralding the dark-- the
rats scurry in this night.

ooze, sludge, ooze down nowhere holes
fill the nooks put out the coals and

don't tell me that
I look sick cause you look
sicker, honey, and the kind of bees that
eat this muck are only queens, and the
ants are crushed by pools of
solid waste, is this place a hell under the earth, or is it an
Eden for Hell?