Sunday, December 06, 2009

first snow

held in, not fully
formed until born,
spat out in shapes specifically and
on hair coats gloves concrete so quickly melting:
this sleet, fleet

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Squall

Unclarifying, merely muddling,


I'm weather that never

ends, only pauses

like the whine of a newborn.

Sickly, almost sticky,

and pairing with wind to ram skins,

I am slick

and slippery, can be

insidious, residual. I

change all into fuzz and rust.

Eye-catching shine,

and those black wings I've snapped

broken. I'll wait

'til you think I've left. You forget

and go out without your boots on,

foregone, and

I'm not gone at all!

I make raincoats gain a hazy glaze

like snails;

I leave sidewalks undrained,

beating down


And the buildings drip like sides of meat.